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Service Videos with TOWNE HYUNDAI

So, you've just purchase a new Hyundai. Now it's time to learn about all the great features that come equipped on your new vehicle. Take a look at the videos below for quick tips on how to make your new ride more comfortable and convenient than ever. CHANGE THIS!!!

Car Care Schedule Service Feature

The Hyundai Assurance Car Care mobile app makes scheduling your car for service a snap.

Online Service Scheduling

You can easily select the services, time and service advisor you need for your Hyundai

Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan

The best way to keep your Hyundai up to date with maintenance requirements is with a pre-paid maintenance plan.

Getting the most out of your Battery?

Should you get your battery tested? It’s time to learn the advantages and benefits of having your battery tested and serviced at your local Hyundai Service Center.

Inspecting Brakes

Hyundai Insider walks you through the pivotal role of brake maintenance in vehicle safety and how to gauge brake effectiveness.